Coffee Cold Process Soap

A friend of mine suggested I make some coffee soap, using real coffee grounds. I thought that might be fun, so I did a little searching and found a coffee soap recipe from Candle & Soap Making, one of my favorite soaping sites.

The recipe calls for using your favorite basic soap recipe and substituting double strength coffee for the water in the lye solution, then adding some dried used coffee grounds.

Simple enough, I thought.

Well, simple enough it was.  I did not have any problems making the soap.  However, the coffee and lye solution stinks like nothing I have ever smelled before!  It was disgusting.  The gross smell does go away and there is no trace of it left in the soap, but it was bad enough that I will probably not ever make it again.

I am glad that I tried it, though.  The soap is very nice.  The only thing I dislike is that the coffee grounds are very exfoliating and can even be a bit scratchy on my sensitive skin.  It makes a wonderful men’s soap, though.  Or a foot scrubbing bar.

The light brown color is the natural color and I used a little bit of cappuccino mica to make the swirl on top.

4 thoughts on “Coffee Cold Process Soap

  1. Naomi Chambers

    This looks great. I am definetly going to try this recipe. I reworked it a little bit, and ran the oils through a lye calculator to get the right amounts. I am happy to share this recipe with everyone.

    Mocha Latte Soap Scrub

    2 oz cocoa butter
    4 oz coconut oil
    2 oz grapeseed oil
    4 oz palm oil
    4 oz palm kernel oil
    6.08 oz double strength Seattle Coffee. Use a French Press to make 8 oz. Leave it over night to absorb all the caffeine and coffee fragrance.
    2.46 oz Lye
    1 tablespoon kernel seed added at trace
    1 tablespoon FINELY ground coffee. This can be too abrasive for the skin, so keep it fine and test the texture before putting it into the soap.
    .5 oz Chocolate fragrance oil added at trace


  2. Rob


    I just tried something very similar. I brought my fats/oils and lye solution down to 100 degrees and started mixing. I’m coming up on 1 hour and 15 minutes and still no trace. Could the double strength coffee be effecting the lye somehow, making it not react as it should? I have super fine ground coffee to add at trace, but i have yet to decide for sure if i’m going to add it or not. thanks for any suggestions.

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