Fred Thompson on Federalism

On Town Hall today, Fred Thompson has a short piece on Federalism. Take a look by clicking on the “clipped from” link.
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Our government, under our Constitution, was established upon the principles of Federalism — that the federal government would have limited enumerated powers and the rest would be left to the states. It not only prevented tyranny, it just made good sense. States become laboratories for democracy and experiment with different kinds of laws.

Federalism also allows for the diversity that exists among the country’s people. Citizens of our various states have different views as to how traditional state responsibilities should be handled. This way, states compete with each other to attract people and businesses — and that is a good thing.

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One thought on “Fred Thompson on Federalism

  1. N.P West

    I’m still up in the air on Thompson, however, I really like Ron Paul (even though he doesn’t stand a chance of getting the nomination). After all, anyone who knocks the neocons while invoking the spirit of Sen. Bob Taft can’t be that bad.

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